At DoH, we believe that every little helps. The environment is important to us and we believe that together, we can make a difference. That's why, we created and launched a campaign, #dohrecycle ♻,  to raise awareness around the importance of sustainability and recycling. 

The premise #dohrecycle ♻ is to encourages our customers to recycle DOH buckets by returning them to us at our dedicated recycle stands in all our pop-up locations.

We also encourage reuse of the buckets - you can ask for a refill for AED 5 off in some of our chosen locations , or reuse our DOH bucket to suit your needs. We love to see how our customers can creatively reuse our buckets and encourage them to share their reuse by posting a picture, insta-story or a snap using  #dohrecycle .

Next time you enjoy our delicious #minidohnuts, remember to recycle.